Planning is the most important step in temporal as well as economic terms. One should bear in mind that ensiling allows  to maintain the quality of the crop but not to enhance it; therefore, unless the correct measures are taken, the quality of the crop will tend to deteriorate.

The ensiling process is easier if there is teamwork. There are certain primary management factors that are in the hands of  the producer; these are: selection of the plot of land, selection of the seed, sow system and density, fertilization of the land to be cleared, silage storage system, silo sealing, extraction; and other factors that concern both producer and contractor: moment, size and cut height, inoculation and compaction of the chopped material.

Thus, the higher or the lower quality of the silo will depend directly on the sum of all these factors.

High quality silage demands planning, correct decisions and full attention to the details.
As an example, we will show the chronogram of a corn silo (for each case, an adequate scheme will have to be prepared according to the crop to be ensiled and to the producer’s characteristics.)

Election of the Plot of Land and Variety June 08