Stage Maturity Crop

The type of crop, the climatic conditions and the humidity of the material have influence on the correct election of the moment of cut. At that moment, it is necessary to keep
a fluid dialog with the producer and require the follow up of the crop, and the notification of the state of maturity according to the given climatic conditions.

We may have different work scenarios taking into account the humidity of the crop:
• Milky Grain: very green plant, low dry matter, likely fermentation problems draining of nutritious effluents, easy compaction.

Doughy Grain / Full: it is the moment of highest forage volume with the best quality in the composition of the silo due to the excellent relation ear/plant. There may be one or two inferior leaves completely dry.

Hard Grain: it has very little green volume and low quality due to the high deterioration of the leaves and stems; it causes problems with the chopping, and the compaction; the animal does not cash in on the grain because it is too hard. In this situation, it is important to raise the height of cut and recommend the use of Corn Cracker to crack the grain very well and take advantage of all its nutrients.